Uintah Standard is the flagship store to Uintah Collection and an active lifestyle boutique.   We're committed to the idea that a better fitting garment, coupled with a fashion-forward flare, encourages our guests to embrace their uniqueness by giving them the platform to be seen for the natural beauty that they are. Whether you're swimming, running, doing yoga, walking, hiking, climbing, being a mom, being a coach, or just being inspirational, we want to fit you with the right attire and gear.  We've teamed up with various vendors that we love to bring Utah a place to find killer and unique pieces that suit the active person.  You can find awesome brands here like:  Sorel, Stance Socks, Sky Stone, H Works, Ker-ji, Project Social T, Joah Brown and, of course, Uintah Collection!

Our Story

To understand the brand Uintah Collection, you have to know something about us - Heather and Janie.  We both grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and met while working at the one fashion forward boutique in, what was considered, a small town at the time.  Ironically, we both separately move to New York City to pursue our careers in fashion and ended up in the same line of work doing sales for wholesale showrooms.  Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, inspired us to have something of our own one day and we would discuss that dream regularly.  It only seemed logical to take that leap together when the time came.   We launched Uintah Collection (www.uintahcollection.com) in 2009.  With a love of all things active, we were inspired to design a line that filled the gap between athleticwear and fashion.  Fit, functionality, and fashion play an equal roll, none being more important than the other.  From a design element, the collection is inspired with Utah in mind.  From the Southern Red Rock desert to the Northern Rocky Mountains.....there is absolutely nothing like it!  It is a part of us so, naturally, it is a part of the way we design.   The name Uintah comes from the Uinta Mountains, a major water source in Utah.  Since most of our garments are made out of swim fabric and can be used from the gym to the pool, it seemed appropriate.