Sundance in Fall

While most people flood to Sundance during the cold months for skiing and, of course, the film festival, I took full advantage of their resort during the most scenic time of year; Fall.  As we eagerly await our winter collection to hit the store, I thought it was a perfect time to test out one of our samples on the trail.

Entrance to Sundance

Entrance to Sundance

The morning was cool and crisp, but the sun was out and an ideal day for me and the Fella to head out on the trail.  Beginning our climb, I was slightly overcome by the reality that this very trail would be covered in snow within a few short weeks.  If you know me at all, winter is not my favorite of the seasons.  Sure, I like to ski, but I am by no means, an avid skier.  This is something that I hope to change now that I am a resident of the fine Salt Lake City, UT.  I prefer long hot summer days filled with swimming, hiking, and BBQ's.  However, as our long sleeve jackets and thick winter leggings are going to hit the shelves any day, I found myself slightly, I said slightly, excited about the cooler temperatures.  Starting our hike, in my Wild Print Tacoma Leggings, I was delighted by how warm I felt in the new pants!  Suddenly, I wasn't so afraid of the cool temperatures.....not with these bad boys on!  

However, my leggings took a back seat to the fall scenery.  We were mesmerized by how brilliant every color seemed to glow on the trees.  Golden yellows, fiery reds, burnt auburn leaves fell from the various aspens and pooled along the trail.  We couldn't have picked a better day to take it all in.  

While the temperatures were chilly in the beginning, the sun, coupled with hiking, warmed us up and before you knew it, I was shedding layers down to my Cody Crop Top and giddy with the fact that I was able to enjoy the last bit of snow free days.  

Cody Black Top $57 Click to shop   Tacoma Legging $98 Click to shop

Cody Black Top $57 Click to shop

Tacoma Legging $98 Click to shop


Every turn in the bend, every gust of wind, scenically laid the way for our hike and before you knew it, we were at the end.  Before we descended the mountain we had just climbed, we both took a long delayed panoramic view of the majestic colors before us.  As expected, we were both exhausted from our hike and wanted to wet our whistle before the drive home.  We were all too thrilled to hunker down in front of the fire at the Sundance Bar and sip on some whiskey as a reward for our active endeavor.  

Taking in the last sip in front of the fire felt like the close of a chapter and an eagerness, ok, ok, an acceptance, that winter is coming. I could embrace it, now prepared with winter Uintah Collection Attire, or hibernate until next summer.  Now, if I've learned anything this past year in moving from New York to Utah, it is that balance is everything! So, here's to a bit of both this winter season; skiing on the snow peaked mountains and nights curled up in front of the fire with some whiskey to warm the belly.